About me

I am not the biggest reader in the world as it requires way too much of my time to finish a book, there a book called Zero to One which I am still trying to finish of 7 months of trying to read it, that because it just not an easy read.

The books I read of course business related because that is what I am passionate about, as I want to continue building my own businesses, the 4 books I going to share below I have found to be a good read and quite easy to read, they can all be found on Amazon.

Renowned by Mike Saunders

Renowned is the last book I read, I found it to be an easy read, the book is about building a personal brand as it helped the author to build his own business, is why you see so many entrepreneurs trying to build personal brands, the book focuses on more than just using social media to build out your brand.

Crushing it by Gary Vaynerchuk

Crushing it another book which focus on personal branding by one the worlds biggest entrepreneurs Gary Vaynerchuk, it takes you on deep dive of each social network with stories of how others have crushed it on that platform, it not the easiest read but it is really value packed with useful information.

The five year mark by Mike Saunders

This book is one of my all-time favorites as Mike tell his story of how he built his Digital Agency, which hit home as it still my dream to build a big agency, the story tells are helpful to anyone wanting to build a business. this book is an easy read, which seems to be Mike writing style which is probably why I enjoyed both of his books.

Create or Hate by Dan Norris

Create or Hate is an essential book which focuses on ignoring our number 1 hate that we all have, ourselves we are our own hardest critics which often stops us from creating the ideas that we have. it is a really good book to read as our his other book.