Monthly Report 001

It has been my dream since I first started my business in 2011 to grow into a digital agency, where my business is not just me, to build a company that employs people.

To build a company that helps business owners to take their business to the next level, so that they may grow their businesses online.

So this year I am going to document the journey of building a digital agency, I will share the success & failures as there are lessons in everything in our journey of building a business.

What we are going to focus on:

This first 90 days, my main focus is going to be building a selling framework that will help me conquer my own fears about rejection, as this has been one of the biggest fears of building my business.

Overcoming the fears that I have when it comes to selling will be vital and document that journey will allow me to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Sales goals for 90 days:

To build a reputable agency I need to hit certain clients to specif services goals, so let’s talk sales numbers I would love to achieve for our core services.

AdWords: I need to land 32 small AdWord marketing clients paying R2500 a month, This number allows for me to become a Google Certified Partner as they require you to have an ad spend of $10 000 over 3 months.

Social Media Management: I would like to reach 10 Social Media accounts under our management, our social media marketing starts from R4000 a month, So 10 clients would add a nice revenue stream to the business.

Web Design & Development: For now I think 2 websites a month will be enough work, as I eventually start building a team I will be able to fulfill more websites on a monthly basis.

Search Engine Optimization: I would like to find 10 clients who want to rank on the first page of Google for their keywords, our SEO services start from R3000

There are other services my company offer but I don’t really have goals in mind for those services. Our sales goals would mean that I would have the money to build a team and find a starter office.

How did you start building your agency?

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