Hi 2020, I’m ready for you!

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I can’t believe that 2019 is over, even though I’ve been mentally preparing myself since October because last year just slipped by me, I did not manage to fulfill my goals for the year, due to being trapped by my own mind (Read more | So long 2019 ).

I refuse to let this year slip away from me, so this the year of Focus on building my businesses & finding balance in my life, there are a few businesses I would like to start but I don’t want to spread myself to thin.

My main focus is going to be building a digital agency & my WordPress product business back on track, I would also like to build my personal brand & host a few workshop & events.

Fosker Media

Fosker Media has always been my dream, I spent my whole entrepreneur journey trying to build a digital agency but I’ve never been able to attain success in building an agency, it is a very competitive industry.

So this is the year I am going to push myself to build my dream company, not something that is just me, I want to build something sustainable & profitable but in saying that I’m not setting Finacial goal but there are goals that I do want to achieve which will require some financial gains.

Goals I want to hit:

  • 32 budget Google ad clients (Need 32 clients at R1500 a month to become a Google partner).
  • 20 social media accounts under management.
  • Get an office space
  • Grow by 5 employees by the end of the year.
  • Would like to organize a monthly or bi-monthly workshop and events

Divi Stride

Divi Stride is my WordPress product business which has been my biggest success as an entrepreneur and also my biggest failure as in 2018 I took my eyes off of the prize and my competition surpassed my products.

In 2017 my product business earned 320 thousand rand, as a single person business that is a decent income, I believe that I can create better products and regain my position in that niche.

Goals I want to hit:

  • Rebuild Tighten Plugin
  • Rebuild Section Style Manager
  • Rebuild Divi Commerce
  • Develop Bloggers Kit
  • Develop Divi Core
  • Build Base PRO into a child theme development kit
  • Develop a WP business plugin

Personal Brand

As an entrepreneur, I would love to build a personal brand that inspires those that aspire to chase their dreams of building a business, so this site will be filled with entrepreneurship advice and tips, as well as my journey of trying to build my agency.

Goals I want to achieve:

  • Create a private community
  • Build a 5k following on social media

Personal life

This year is about finding balance over the cause of this last decade I’ve neglected my personal life, I want to make an effort to spend more time with friends and family.

I’m also continuing my goal of trying to lose weight and get in shape, so this year I will plan on doubling down on my training of running & boxing to get in shape.

What are you aiming to achieve in your business and personal life this year?

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