So long 2019


So long 2019, it’s been great knowing you but I’m personally ready for 2020 as I’m expecting to make massive changes in my life & my businesses, 2019 you were just not a good year for me.

I’ve never felt so trapped as I did in 2019, I felt that I was bogged down mentally and emotionally, which impacted many other aspects of my life such as my businesses, my finances & my confidence but it was not all bad.


Highlights 2019

As much as I felt trapped here are some of the things that were highlights of my year.

Spending time with my little cousins

I’ve got 2 little cousins who mean the world to me, so I made spending time with them a priority this year, as I’ve missed quite a few years with being in travelling & living abroad.

The time I’ve spent with them meant the world to me, so will continue to spend time with them this year.


My Cousin got married

I’ve never understood why people cry at weddings but seeing my cousin marry his long-time girlfriend was something special to me, I found myself battling to keep the tears back.

I am extremely proud of the man you have become Matt, really keen to spend more time together in 2020.


Commited to a new church

Between 2015-2019 I did not attend a church as I was burnt out after a dedicating a decade of my life to a church, so I ran away and traveled around Asia as a digital nomad, it was a great experience but there was something missing in my life.

So in 2019, it was great to find a new church to call home.


Spent time with my BFF’s

I spent time with my long-time best friends Kevin & Khethelo, in 2020 I need to make more time to hang out with you guys but the times we did spend together in 2019 meant the world to me.


Made new friends

In life, you always make new friends but this year making new friends meant more to me as every meaningful relationship I made with someone during 2016-2019 was short-lived as they travelers never stay in one place for long.

So I am grateful to the new friends that I’ve made through my connect group & church this year, I hope to invest more time in building these relationships in 2020.


Finnally got back to Mac

Since 2016 I’ve been wanting to get back to owning a MacBook, towards the end of 2019 I finally got back to MacBook status, even though I’m in Debt for the next 34 months, this MacBook Air is worth every last cent.

as much as I battled in 2019 i am grateful that I got to spend another year on this earth, even though I failed at every goal I had for 2019, there were still moment that changed my life, is the people I’ve met, the events I attended, my life was changed for the better.

Here to 2020 wishing you all the best this new year/decade, I hope that you dominate life and that you get to chase your dreams no matter the cost, live a life worth living.

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